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Brief History

The Brief History of the Department


With the advantages of a nursing school, the Department of Health and Beauty was established to promote the educational concept of Human Health, emphasize the beauty and health- related knowledge and skills, meet the needs and trends of society and industries for the cultivation of health care and medical knowledge, and provide basic medical knowledge for the beauty careers and professionals.


 The past history of the Department is shown as follows:








1. The Degree Program of Health and Beauty was set up.





 2. A class of the 4- year program for day students was  



1. One more class of the 4- year program for day students was added.

2. To expand the practical spirit of ‘Learning from Doing and  Doing during Learning’ to enhance the effect of learning, the Department offered the Off-campus Practicum Courses.




1. The Department was ranked the first grade at the Technology University Evaluation by Ministry of  Education.

2. The ‘On-campus Practicum Store’ was set up to provide practical learning environment for students.





A class of 4-year program for night students was recruited





1. The Department changed its name: ‘The Department of Health and Beauty.’

2. The Department began to recruit overseas students.  At present the Department has students from Malaysia and Hong Kong.





1. In cooperation with ABC Dental Federation, the Department offered the Training Programs for Dental Assistants to promote the teaching efficiency of the Department and achieve the goal of ‘working right after graduating’.

2. The Department stopped recruiting the night students of 4-year programs.